DW-RS / The Netherlands:

DW-RS contributes to the creative development of neighbourhoods, their inhabitants and other communities in the Netherlands and abroad by strengthening their social skills and by promoting diversity. They aim to achieve this by initiating, implementing and supporting activities and facilitating research into the power of creativity within social communities.

DW-RS fulfils its mission by conducting three types of activities:
1. Youth projects, focus on creativity, skills acquirement and employment.
2. Festivals, in which connection and cultural diversity is the focus
3. Creative community projects, where creative development of locals is the centre of focus

DW-RS often organises activities in collaboration with local and international partners. The community projects are often presented within the framework of the festivals and these festivals inspire people from the neighbourhoods to be creative.

DW-RS believes in the power of art and creativity. Cultural diversity is one of the main focuses in this work. DW-RS works in intercultural and often deprived neighbourhoods and districts, in the Netherlands and internationally. The organisation does this because it believes that it is important to involve everyone in the arts and culture and it works from the belief that creativity enriches everyone’s life and social environment. Activation, participation, engagement and empowerment are the key concepts.


Maroc.NL / The Netherlands:

Maroc.NL is a non-profit organisation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It aims to improve the lives of migrants in Europe with the help of ICT. In the spring of the year 2000 Maroc.NL Foundation was established. Since then Maroc.NL has evolved into one of the largest internet communities for people with a Mediterranean and/or Islamic background in Europe.
Their online objective is to develop and maintain an open digital platform with relevant news, uncensored debates and open communication facilities to promote interpersonal exchange.


PAJ / Belgium:

Platform Allochtone Jeugdwerkingen (PAJ) is a non-profit umbrella organisation for youth organisations in Belgium, that focus on young people with a migratory background. PAJ is recognised and financed by the Flemish government and the municipality of Antwerp. It aims to empower young people by guiding and supporting a variety of organisations that work with these youths. PAJ supports 60 initiatives in Flanders and in that way helps thousands of young people and supports hundreds of volunteers.


Radio Leinehertz / Germany:

The “106.5 Rundfunkgesellschaft gGmbh” was founded in 2009, and is working in the media and education field for young and adult people. The non-profit company is holding the licence of “radio Leinehertz 106.5”. This community radio station focuses on Hannover and the Region of Hannover. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The main topics are politics, society, economy, culture, sports, music and the community.

The “106.5 Rundfunkgesellschaft gGmbh” has three aims by law: Supplying media coverage in the region, offer open media facilities for the inhabitants of the region and offer media-trainings. The radio station has 10 permanent employees, around 20 part-time journalists and over 200 volunteers, producing and broadcasting different radio programmes.

The radio station “106.5 Rundfunkgesellschaft gGmbh” offers jobs and internships for young people and adults and works with volunteers, student journalists, media designers and more.